Installing and Using WinAVR for Parallel Port Programmer

After successfully designing the Parallel port programmer in our previous tutorial, now w

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Parallel Port Programmer for ATMEGA 16/32

In-system programmer means we can design a programmer circuit using simple parallel port interfacing such that our controller can be directly burned with the program while in the designed system or

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ARM 7 Tutorial - Part 3

Data Processing Instructions

The general form for all Data Processing Instruction is shown below



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2x16 LCD And 4x4 Keypad Interfacing With 8051 in Assembly Language

Microcontrollers are just silicon wafers until we tell them what to do, program them according to our requirement.

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ARM 7 Tutorial - Part 1




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Simple 8 bit 16x2 LCD interfacing with PIC 16F

In this tutorial you will learn how to interface a simple 8-bit 16x2 LCD with PIC 16F.




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Interfacing Nokia 3310 LCD with PIC 18F2520

Nokia 3310 was an extremely popular mobile phone during it’s time.

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Interfacing Temperature Sensor with Microchip PIC16F876A

The tutorial aims at providing the necessary information for interfacing an analog type temperature sensor with a Microchip PIC Microcontroller.

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Stepper Motor Controlling Using ULN2003

The ULN2003 internally employs high voltage, high current darlington arrays each containing seven open collector darlington pairs with common emitters.

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