Fourth Year Projects

XML Parser and Convertor



Our project is basically a parser and converter not a compiler.

XML - Extensible Markup Language, Which is basically used in dynamic web pages to send data from one active page to other.

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Digital Image Watermarking



Nowadays worldwide research activities and the industrial interest in digital watermarking methods are growing tremendously. Digital multimedia data provides a robust and easy editing and modification of data. The data can be delivered over computer networks with little to no errors and often without interference. Unfortunately, digital media distribution raises a concern for digital content owners. Digital data can be copied without any loss in quality and content. This poses a big problem for the protection of intellectual property rights of copyright owners. Watermarking is a solution to the problem. It can be defined as embedding digital data, such as information about the owner, recipient, and access level, without being detectable in the host multimedia data. Our aim in the project is to work on the aspects of digital image processing using Discrete Cosine Transform of an image in frequency domain.

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