Android APK

To Uninstall a .apk file is a lot easier than installing it. Open your Android SDK emulator and follow these instruction to Uninstall the application installed on your Android emulator. Let us suppose that we have already installed a Sudoku application, as given in installation tutorial, and we want to uninstall it. It can be done in the following methods:-

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Android APK

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to install any given Android application in Android emulator using [dot]APK ".apkfiles.

[Update] Steps For Windows7 (API v 2.2, v2.3)

Follow the instructions with SCREENSHOTS of the Android emulator. All you need is just the Android SDK platform with JDK or JRE (software development kit, with emulator) and .apk files. There is no need to install Eclipse or Netbeans SDK, to work with APK files [wiki]. An .apk file extension denotes an Android Package (APK) file. This file format, a variant of the JAR format, is used for the distribution and installation of bundled components onto the Android mobile device platform.

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Barcode Scanner for Android

Android barcode

Now scan barcode of any product lying nearby, using your android camera and guess what? It will automatically get full product information via internet. Barcode Scanner for Android is one of the freeware application that has made huge impact in the mobile world. Imagine yourself in a store with Android, scan the product barcode to compare and buy the best products you want.  Let's explore more on the barcode scanner and see how it works. 

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Best of free ANDROID GAMES

Andorid games

There are so many free Android games but only few of them are good enough to match the quality of Apple's i-Phone. Android is definitely catching up , so let's keep our fingers crossed. Have a look at the best of free Android Games below, really cool and yes you can proudly flaunt them. 

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Best of MP3 and MEDIA App list for ANDROID

Android logo

Google's ANDROID mobile OS is going to be the next big thing and we all know that Motorolla is already into Android business with MOTOROID and other big players are waiting to dive in. In the coming future ANDROID is going to give tough competition to Apple's i-Phone .

If you are bored with the default Music player and media manager on ANDROID then perhaps it's time for a change. There are plenty of cool Media apps that looks and works better than default apps. Here is a list of five best MP3 and MEDIA apps recommended by bOtskOOl team for all you ANDROID lovers.

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