Google Chrome OS - A Review

Google Chrome OS - Review

Having already conquered the search engine market, Google, is all set to launch its own operating system, Google Chrome OS, which in Google’s term will be a natural extension to its web browser 'Google Chrome'. The Google Chrome OS is a Linux based, lightweight, open source operating system, designed specifically to work with web applications.

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10 Most Popular Google Chrome Extensions


In todays world we spend a lot of time accessing and browsing the internet and thus, we end up spending a lot of time working in a web browser window. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the two most common browsers being used today. Firefox's secret of success is the huge repository of extensions it has. The ability to customize with numerous add-ons has made Firefox versatile in its functionality and hence it is adopted by users of each kind. Google Chrome on the other hand is based on the Webkit layout engine, which is known for its excellent rendering speeds.

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