How does C works under windows??

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Can C be used in a GUI interface?Can i get an example with a program?

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i guess c and c++ wont make a

i guess c and c++ wont make a difference. visual c++ is for this only. check out this project 

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GUI porgrammming with C

Natively  C or even C++ does not provide graphics interface .

So for a GUI you would require use of external libraries.

some of the good and commonly used libraries( cross platform) are


(the one behind opera , VLC   though not free)


(used by codeblocks, bit torrent, file zilla)



Besides this if you are windows guy you may well go for VB (though its almost obsolete)


If you are looking forward to game programming you may go for OpenGL (cross -platform) , DirectX (windows)


At any time i would personally  prefer a cross platform library . It becomes really easy to port your code to different OS. The above options may well work for C , but  i would suggest to go for C++ , its simply much more powerful and  feature rich especially in making software applications