Online compiler help!!!

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I have having some troubles using de online compiler...

the 'cin' command is not working properly.

following is de code i n compiling :




#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main ()
int x;
cout<<"Enter value of x : ";

cout<<"x : "<<x;

return 0;




Enter value of x : x : 5979296



please someone help...

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query reply!!

Hi ankushkool....


actually we have not made online compiler interactive which means it will not accept in any case accept data from users. For every command which request a user input like cin etc. it assumes a arbit value.


We have done so coz of some security reasons, vey soon we will come with this facility.


for further query keep posting!!

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Re: Online compiler help!!!

Hi ankushkool,

Input commands are not accepted right now by our online compiler. And output commands instead of cout you can use printf and other such similar commands.