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can i have a detialed information about assembler and cross assembler

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Hi lalithag, Check out the

Hi lalithag,

Check out the links given below.

A cross assembler is functionally just an assembler. This term is used to stress that the assembler is run on a different computer than the target system, the system on which the resulting code is run. Because nowadays assemblers are written portably in a high level language like C, this is largely irrelevant. Cross assembling may be necessary if the target system lacks the capacity to run an assembler itself. This is typically the case for small embedded systems. The most important distinguishing feature of a cross assembler is that it provides for or interfaces to facilities to transport the code to the target processor, e.g. to reside in flash or EPROM. It generates a binary image, or Intel HEX file rather than an object file. 

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