Write a program to implement your own strcmp() function

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The strcmp() function in C/C++ is used to compare two strings. It compares both the strings character by character from the starting until the characters differ or until a terminating null-character is reached. This function may return following values:

  • A zero value indicates that both strings are equal.
  • A value greater than zero indicates that the first character that does not match has a greater value in str1 than in str2
  • And a value less than zero indicates the opposite.

We will also implement our mystrcmp() function along the similar lines. Check out the code given below:


int mystrcmp(const char * str1, const char * str2)
  while(*str1 == *str2)
    if(*str1 == '\0')
      return 0;
  return (*str1 - *str2);

int main()
  char str1[] = "TEST";
  char str2[] = "TEST";
  char str3[] = "TAST";
  printf("Comparison of str1 and str2 = %d\n",mystrcmp(str1,str2));
  printf("Comparison of str1 and str3 = %d\n",mystrcmp(str1,str3));


Output for implementing your own strcmp() function

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