Write a program to implement your own strcpy() function

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The function mystrcpy() below implements strcpy() function and copies source string to the destination string. It returns a pointer to the destination string. Check out the code below:


char *mystrcpy(char * destination, const char * source)
  char *destination_ptr;
  /* Store the starting position 
     of the destination string */
  destination_ptr = destination;
  /*Copy the value at source 
    pointer to destination pointer 
    and increment both the pointers 
    until NULL is encountered.*/
  /*Return the pointer 
    which is pointing to the 
    beginning of the destination 

int main()
  char source[] = "This is the source string";
  char destination[50];


Screenshot for implementing your own strcpy() function 

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While implementing our own function similar to strcpy() we need to ensure that source string shouldn't change. Hence, we have used const before for the source (const char * source).

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