bOt cOde Rules

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1.  Allowed languages are C/C++/Java

2.  All submissions must be mailed to [email protected] - Mention your username in the subject.

3.  You may send multiple attempts , however only the last received e-mail will be entertained.

4.  Send separate mail for each problem.

Use the following format for subject - 


5.  A maximum of 5 attempts per problem are allowed.

6.  the completion date for every round will be declared at the time of start of competition and under no circumstances will late submissions be entertained.





For each problem maximum and minimum points have been specified. 



Every participant who solves a particular problem correctly will be awared the minimum points. Extra points will be awarded based on code efficiency subject to the maximun points indicated for the particular problem.



- 20 bonus points will be awarded for solving all 3 problems correctly.