Could I be supplied with some sort of parts list for the line follower Bot?

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Hello CodeProgrammer, Which

Hello CodeProgrammer,

Which part list do you want mechanical or electronics stuff or both?

Also check out these two tutorials - 

Making your first bOt (This tutorials contains a list of material required to build a basic robot so you will get an idea)

How to good base for your bOt?


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I would like both

I would like to get both. But if you could only get me one, the one I would want most would be the electronical. But if you could get me both, I would be very, very grateful and thankful.


Thank you for your time,


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Re: I will like both

1) Micro Controller: 8051

2) Bread Board 

3)H-bridge: L239B (or L239D)

4) Infra Red Sensors

5) LM324

6) Resistance box (containing resistance of few kilo-ohms

7)Capacitor (30pF *2)

8) Crystal of frequency (prefreably 11.0592 MHz)

9) One Microcontroller Programmer 

10) Miscellenous wires, leds (10), capccitors, wire cutter,etc

(Always remember to bring spare things in case of failure)


You may also refer to these tutorial for your help:


For building circuit on breadboard:


For mechanical list:


For using H-bridge:


For Basic Electronic Components:



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