selecting a Content Management System

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I am looking for a Content management system for my website.

As I am new to this type of thing, please be nice.
I would like it to have the following features:

  • Heavily customizable with support for themes
  • Have support for downloads and uploads with many categories or sub-categories
  • Have a page where I can hold tips and tutorial pages
  • Have support for news bulletins and articles
  • Have support for some kind of forum with the same style as the rest of the CMS
  • Be able to integrate wiki and forum features
  • Be easy to learn, with no steep learning curve!

I will allow the CMS to be in JavaScript, Perl or PHP, with a Preference on PHP/MySQL

If anyone can advise me on the best FREE system that I should have, then I would be forever grateful. 

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Re:selecting a Content Management System

There are three famous CMS (open source code) that are most popular these days -


Drupal -

Joomla! -

WordPress -


You can use anyone of these CMS and can obtain all these features.


Drupal - is generally preferred by coders.

Joomla! - is generally preferred by designers.

WordPress - is generally preferred by bloggers.




Joomla! can be installed, out of the box, in different languages. Database has to be created manually.  It provides a little example data (sample data). It has an ftp layer in the core software (for unix/linux).

Drupal installer in English, db has to be created in advance manually.  The system sets up with no example data.

Wordpress installer in different languages, db has created in advance manually.  The system gives you one example post.

After installation


With Joomla! everything is there—you have tagging set up, a WYSIWYG interface, and the system seems intuitive if a bit utilitarian.

Drupal is empty to begin with.  You have to load up your “extensions” (modules) manually.

Wordpress is elegant after initial installation.




Joomla installation via FTP, upload, URL and there are about 4000 modules. 

Drupal FTP installation.  There are roughly 2000 modules in D6.

Wordpress FTP.   There are about Wordpress 4200 modules.




All three are, by in large, WCAG/ADA. 


Joomla! output is overwritable in the template.  There is no central place for templates.

Drupal allows for themable templates.

Wordpress doesn’t allow for themable templates.


Updating the Software


No update system in Joomla! 

Drupal has update module. 

Wordpress has automatic installation.


Creating content


Joomla! allows content to be created through menus.  Drupal needs additional modules to have the same functionality.


Antispam – pretty much the same in each




Joomla! has separation between front end and admin.

Drupal no separation between front end and the admin out of the box.

Wordpress has separation between front end and admin.

Clean URLs


Joomla!, requires an extension and not so easy. 

Drupal, you can out of the box and pathauto furthers that functionality. 

Wordpress you can but it is preset.


User Permissions


Joomla and WordPress are limited in permissions.  Drupal is extremely flexible.




Joomla.  One option.  Drupal two options. Wordpress one option.


Event Handling


Drupal is the most flexible.


Content types


Drupal gives you unlimited content types (you can create your own). 

In Joomla!, just articles and predefined. 

In Wordpress you can have only articles.


The Final Assessment


Joomla! is pretty good out of the box - easy to setup and run. 

Wordpress is the IDEAL out of the box blogging tool. 

Drupal is the most flexible and the community is the best “feature” of Drupal and you literally create any kind of website using Drupal though its intial learning curve is steep. 
Above details have been taken from this url -

Also you should check out this video present at this link.

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