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Fashion games are growing in popularity year by year. The most of Web games are the flash games. Flash dress up games are exciting games, with an intuitive interface. The types of themes for Flash games may vary from fighting scenarios to childish themes, so they can suit every taste. Flash Barbie games will definitely keep everyone nailed to their chairs, while they enjoy with a wonderful reality that includes fantastic surprises and terrific adventures. When you or your kids are looking for dress up games on the Web, you or your little girls will surely find many gaming websites. You can quickly find thousands entertaining web portals which host free Internet dress up games and many of them also include advanced options to make all children happy. Every kid should be satisfied, so don't worry if your little girls like some special games.

Computer Barbie games are popular since late 90's, so numerous children just found out about this kind of entertainment. The industry of online games is still making first steps this time. The interesting thing about Flash games is the thing that such games are mostly free. Your daughter may either play them in web browser, or download them directly to your Windows system. There's no difficult task when it comes to the installation process to your computer. But you should know, kids should be very careful as dress up and cooking games are so fun they can become very addictive.

Many girls exist in the world who would like to become coders and create a wonderful world. But in this area of expertise developer will, surely, need a lot of artistic skills. Various games are developed using Macromedia Flash. They are usually free for the general public. Everybody who has an interesting idea could send message to the programmer and help him program a more exciting fashion game. So, if your children have an idea, why not contact a programmer? This is like any other area, there's certainly a guy that would develop what players want to see.

In most of cases, web sites contain numerous online Barbie dress up games, many of such games are good, while others are based on themes that are less interesting. Just as example, dress up games can be a very fun way to dress your Barbie. An interesting thing is the fact that children usually suppose that virtual doll games are destined for girls. Nevertheless many guys like to play and be excited with dressing games, specifically if these games involve historical figures.

Dress up and cooking games, which are being designed specially for girls, most of times include dressing a pretty dolly for a certain party, or, just as example, for a walk. Barbie dress up online games can also be named educational, as long as they might give a lot of knowledge to children about colors. Most of dress up games will allow you create Bratz or Barbie doll from scratch; for example children will select its eye color. Wouldn't that be the best way to spend your daughter's free time?
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The playground has lots of rules - most of them unstated - and it's easy to assume that your child is learning how to negotiate their way through the playground rules just because it is an experience they are dealing with every day. For many children this is the case, but regardless of their skill level, all children can benefit from some coaching about how to handle a variety of play situations, so that they are prepared with choices about how to respond.

Most children's games need more than one player, and so being included means either being invited to join in by others, or inviting yourself into a game, and of course the latter inevitably brings with it the possibility of receiving, "No, you can't play!" as an answer. What is important for parents (and children) to understand is that regardless of their popularity, all children will at some time receive this response to their request, and so it is important to normalize it as something that happens, rather than regarding it as a catastrophe or a personal insult.

There are 3 fundamental skills to teach your child about responding to a play refusal, and they involve the following:Body languageVerbal responseMood management

Body Language

As in Skill 2 - How To Join In Games - body language is the key to projecting an image of confidence, a lack of aggression and the ability to cope with the unfolding scenario. Standing tall with both feet firmly planted on the ground, shoulders back and chin up is a body stance that communicates the message: "I can deal with this (even if it's hard)". So practise doing that with your child; do it in front of the mirror; model it yourself or make a video and compare your efforts.

Verbal Response

A carefree or neutral response spoken confidently in a loud voice, also communicates strength and assertiveness, whereas an aggrieved and hostile one could lead to further refusals and teasing, and the child will gain a reputation of being 'prickly' and defensive. Do some role-plays with your child and practise a variety of responses such as:"Too bad, that game looks fun. See you later"If you change your mind, I'll be over there""Let me know if that changes"""Have fun. Bye!"

And then remind them to walk away from the group using the same confident body language described above.

Mood Management

If a child has been refused entry to games a number of times, or if they feel embarrassed or aggrieved by the group's response - which of course, may not have been polite - managing their mood is going to be a challenge. However, these scenarios are a perfect way to introduce your child to the importance of being able to 'self-soothe'; to calm themselves down when something upsetting has occurred. This uniquely human ability is one of the cornerstones of building psychological resilience and so capturing these moments to teach your child the principles of mood management is important. Follow these steps to start a dialogue about feelings, emotions and ways to manage them:Identify the feeling the child is experiencing. Rather than asking: "How did that make you feel?" instead say: "When someone won't let you join in a game, what sort of feelings do you have?" Suggest a range of emotions that the child might have experienced - sad, angry, disappointed, furious, embarrassed - or the opposite of these - calm, indifferent, relaxedIntroduce the idea that how we think about a situation we have experienced will contribute to whether we see it as a disaster or a passing irritation. Explain the difference between thinking that can cause more distress, for example; 'Nobody ever lets me play; my life is horrible' to that which acknowledges the event was unpleasant, but keeps the situation in perspective, such as, 'They weren't very friendly, but I guess I can try to find someone else to play with'Brainstorm with your child the thoughts that help them to calm themselves when something difficult has occurredWrite a list of these and practise reading them together daily, choosing 'a favourite' to use that week

Play refusals, therefore, whilst not pleasant, provide an important opportunity to develop skills such as mood management, bouncing back from difficulties, and using body language to project self-confidence. A parent's understanding of this will help the child to use the experience in a positive way, whilst also normalizing it as something that happens to everyone.