About the Robotics Contest

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About the Robotics Contest

About the Robotics Contest

Have you ever imagined that you could win a prize for just writing a beautiful robotics tutorial? Here is your chance. The bOtskOOl Robotics Contest is an internet competition. All participants will make an interesting robot or innovative embedded project, register as bOtskOOl user and write an original tutorial with details, pictures and videos of your project as a proof, and the community votes for your project. The winner is the one who gets a maximum votes by the end of month and also who writes an outstanding tutorial, thats it!


Winners will get attractive prizes, from a cute FlashDisk/Pendrive to Robotics Development Kit. 


The Two simples rules 

1)  Make neat robotics or embedded project. It could be:

(a) Working robot - Eg. a line follower, a light follower,  a sumo robot, a sailing robot, solar powered robot, Legged robot  or even a flying robot.

(b) Simulated embedded system - Eg. a  temperature controller, IC tester, Capacitance Measurement Device or a Bluetooth control system, simple idea is be innovative, 

2) Make your entry in forum and submit a good tutorial on your project. 

Don't forget to include pictures, videos, schematics, designs, source code, etc. as a proof of your project.



Important Dates

It is a monthly contest, which is announced every first week of a month.

Entry Closing day: Entry for a month will be closed 24 Hours before the month ends. 

Result Date: First week of every next month.


There will be two prizes. 1st Prize (Community Award) will be determined by a community vote. Every bOtskOOl member will get 2 or 3 votes (additional votes if there are many contestants). Yes, you can vote for your own robot.


The 2nd Prize (Admins Award) and 3rd (honorable mention) will be determined by us. We can choose not to have a 3rd prize. We reserve the right to choose 2nd and 3rd place despite the public vote results.