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Super Mario Crossover 2, A Remarkable Twist On An Old Classic

Are you ready for a version of Super Mario Brothers that you've never played before? If you're into the world of Mario like millions of other people around the world then Super Mario Crossover is a must play game for you.

Super Mario Brothers is one of the most popular video games of all time and there are so many gamers out there that can't seem to get enough. Nowadays you will even find a lot of the gamers playing this game are adults. This is because Mario came out in the 80's and that's when they were kids.

Today the new programmer minds of the day are resurrecting these old classics and adding a new feel to them. Once they have their latest version available we then find access to it online for our enjoyment.

Super Mario Crossover is by far one of the best remakes of an old classic to date. The game was developed with care and not much was overlooked. The reason for the word Crossover in the title relates to the added characters that can be played in the game. Some of the more famous characters from the same time in the 80's like Megaman and Link from the Legend of Zelda can be used to play in Mario's world.

This remake is done with accuracy as well. All of the characters are in their full 8 bit mode and work with all the standard rules of Mario's world. As you must know from playing the original Super Mario Brothers, when you want to get your small little character to power up you must do things like collect flowers and stars. This still holds true in this version for Mario and Luigi but the other characters power up in their own way. They power up according to the weapon that comes with them from their original game. So if you power up with Megaman you will be able to fly farther and shoot fireballs with his cannon. This accurate element to each character adds a unique game play experience.

Super Mario Crossover gets even better when it comes to the music soundtrack of the game. When you decide to play with a different character; the game music changes to the characters original score. So after you've played with Mario and heard the music we all know and love you can then play with Link from the Legend of Zelda and play with all the original music from that game. It makes the feel of the game different and adds a true nostalgic touch.

A few tips when using different characters in the game, for example some of them tend to have a height advantage and will be able to make kills from a few different positions. Some of them can lie down or crouch down in order to kill. In order to control them to make such a move just press down on the keyboard. Again these abilities add yet another level of capabilities to this great game.

Super Mario Crossover and the latest Super Mario Crossover 2 are games that can be and should be enjoyed by gamers from all age groups. You can find the game available for play online in a flash enabled browser or for download to your personal computer.
We all know is that the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment system) was first-born within the in the majority 1981. Since its birth and these games have withstood lots of competitors for other gaming systems to remain true tall and win the battle. This video game dominated its sector.

Jump - stomp, jump - coin, jump - stomp, jump - mushroom, now that was fun! Thankfully this was only the begin many great jocuri mario vechi - that Nintendo developed with. Super Mario Bros 2 which didn't have as big of a fan-base would be a great game in and also itself. It really had any different feel and wind up you meet either just loved it or they weren't quite sure what happened. I concept what your opinions were on it, however the fact remained that every single time Mario jumped on the scene (literally), heads turned and our parent's wallets usually established.
I've even converted full DVD movies with included software and caught one of the best episode of Dexter on the Nintendo Ds. And when I say full movies, I don;t mean choppy or slow playing versions of my movies. They play at full speed, at the right resolution, and consequently are fully watchable (and enjoyable) on my Nintendo DS console.
Now this may original Super Mairo Bros. 2, had been a direct sequel to SMB in that it just amped in the graphics, difficulty and added some new features, however the rest was unchanged in comparison to the original (however it would be a one player game only). So why didn't America get this video game? Well Nintendo feared the high difficulty on the game would frustrate American audiences. The president of Nintendo of America, Howard Lincoln, is reported to have disliked the game, believing that it did little to innovate the series.
New Super Mario Bros. looks really good. The characters are 3-D, against 2-D experiences. All of the characters and backgrounds are colorful and vibrant, with considerable focus detail. That said, Used to notice a bit of a condition with "ghosting," or motion blur, once the screen scrolls rapidly, or when characters move right away. Also, the aforementioned level of character detail seems just slightly wasted on characters which may appear involving fuzzy and small. Specialists likely due to the limitations of the small screen on the DS. Happily, neither these issues very noticeable except to a nitpicker, and really detract from the gameplay.
The new Mario games can be played alone or with partners this more and also a group activity and fun. This adventurous game is identified healthiest interactions theta could be another brainteaser. This techno game has completed a involving updating as being most refined and pleasant.
Super Mario Galaxy 2 - The Time Has Finally Come

The best video game series ever continues it's legacy coming May 23, 2010! The much anticipated Super Mario Galaxy 2 was originally supposed to be launched in December of 2009, however this date was been delayed.

The first Super Mario Galaxy was an instant hit for the Nintendo Wii. For anyone who loved the first installment of Super Mario Galaxy will be sure to love Super Mario Galaxy 2. If you want to be one of the first to get this game on pre-order at

Here are some of the features in Super Mario Galaxy 2:The game offers Comet Metals, which will unlock harder - levels with even more challenges which is perfect for advanced players who want to master the game. Just as in Super Mario Galaxy, Mario collects stars when he goes from one galaxy to the next. Some of the stars are upside down, or floating around. There are also new levels, but the game still keeps the with the same charm as all of the other Mario games. In different stages of the game, you can find an egg, smash it open and jump onto Yoshi. Just as in all the other Mario games Yoshi can use his tongue to grab items and shoot them back at enemies. It's funny when he eats a Dash Pepper, when he eats one of those he gets so hot that he can run up vertical walls. Also if he eats a Blimp Fruit, he inflates like a balloon and floats to new heights. It's these nice added touches that makes this game so great. There are now new power-ups which include a drill to tunnel through the surface of a planet that goes through all the way to the other side of a planet. Mario can turn into Rock Mario and roll around like a bowling ball knocking over things in his path Mario can turn into a bee and buzz around. Saw blades can be used for ripping levels apart. Mario can turn into a ghost and fly around.This game has something for everyone. It has all the classic features you like, it's easy to pick and play for beginners, has secrets and unlockables for those advanced players, and new elements to the game to make it fresh and entertaining. While the levels and play are fresh and new you still have the familiarity of Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy.

Nintendo continues on the legacy of the greatest Video game series made. Make sure you get your hands on this one!