Best of free ANDROID GAMES

There are so many free Android games but only few of them are good enough to match the quality of Apple's i-Phone. Android is definitely catching up , so let's keep our fingers crossed. Have a look at the best of free Android Games below, really cool and yes you can proudly flaunt them. 



Labyrinth Lite

labyrinth for androidlabyrinth for android

Developer: Illusion Labs

Labyrinth is the classic game where you control a steel ball by tilting a wooden labyrinth. This is the lite version with 10 fully playable levels and you can easily create 10 more of your very own. 

Falling Ball

falling ball for androidfalling ball for android

Developer: Reverie Game

Tilt your phone to run left or right, to avoid falling balls. its quite amazing to dodge the balls by just a tilt of your phone. Do you think you are quick? Click the "right arrow" to start. Easier to play, can change the background.

Vampires Live™

vampires live for androidvampires live for android

Developer: Storm8

Start as a lowly vampire and become the most powerful vampire lord! FEATURES: - Massively Multiplayer ONLINE Vampire Game! - Join over 2.5 million players!

World War™

wordlwar for androidworld war for android

Developer:  Storm8

APK file

It's the year 2012. A nuclear war has broken out. 5 countries have emerged as the major superpowers in the devastating war. Which one will you be? - Massively Multiplayer ONLINE War Game! - Join over 2.8 million players! - Battle other players LIVE!


Chess for Android

chess for androidchess for android

Developer: Aart Bik

Chess application with touch screen, trackball, or keyboard input. Highlights valid user moves and last played engine move. Undo up to eight half-moves. Engine plays at various levels. New in v2.2.2: loading and saving files to file.

aiMinesweeper (minesweeper)

minesweeper for androidminesweeper for android

Developer: ArtfulBits Inc.

APK file

Minesweeper is a mobile version of one the best single-player logical games ever made. The game is still very popular among players of different age and social origin.

Hangman Classic Free

hangman for androidhangman for android

Developer: Yongkai Lei

Hangman is a classic word puzzle game. This hangman game comes with three classic themes that bring back old memory. Themes: Pencil on paper Chalk on blackboard Parchment Word Lists: English words, Animal, food & drink, fruit & veg, sports, family, colors, music, flowers, weapon, weather, SAT, GRE vocabulary and more


sudoku for androidsudoku for android

Developer: Roman Mašek

OpenSudoku is an open source sudoku game. Features: - Several input modes (finger-friendly, numpad in the bottom of screen etc.) - Puzzles can be downloaded from web or entered by hand - Game time and history - Export to sdcard - Themes.Go to