Even Google Search is high on FIFA World Cup 2010

Recently Google gaint has made some cool changes to its search engine service, so now even Google could not keep itself away from football worldcup madness.

Try searching "FIFA WORLDCUP 2010" in your Google search bar and you will observe that FIFA worldcup schedule pops up with full details of all participating countries and national flag. It even tells us how many days to go before it and first match with  kick off time matching your Country's timezone.

Fifa worldcup 2010

Most amazing thing that you are going to see is the modified "Goooooooogle" at the end of the page. It has been modified to "Goooooooale!". Isn't is amazing, and yes one has to admit that it has more to do with finance than football. Google has secretly been working on it and now its there for all you football fans.

Fifa worldcup 2010

Now Google it to know your national team's progress in Fifa Worldcup 2010 South Africa. Enjoy!