Protect your image with watermark: Adobe photoshop

In this post we will show how to create your own watermark using Adobe Photoshop in few easy steps! .

Watermark Final Screenshot

This is what a final image would look after watermark insertion. Let’s do it step by step with few screenshots.
Download the PSD (photoshop file).
Getting started
step#1: Install Adobe Photoshop for Windows or Mac.
step#2: Right click a copy of an image and open it with Adobe Photoshop.
step#3: Select a horizontal Type tool (on left hand side tool box) with symbol “T” or press T from keyboard.

watermark tools
Watermark Tools

Insert a watermark
step#4: Select your text size using left mouse button on the image (Note: it will create a new layer, check right hand side layer above background).
step#5: Type your text like ‘do not copy’ or ‘watermark’ , adjust the text size.

text tool, text area and layers
Text tool, text area and layers

Rotate the text layer
step#6: Now select the text layer from right hand side column. We are about to rotate the text later. Now press v or select move tool and you will notice show transformation control check box just above the ruler. Check it and then click on the border of the text area, notice the area where show transform control was present earlier, we now have too many option, but here we just need to change the angle value from 0 degree to -45 degree. Check the checkmark button on top to finish transformation.

image rotate
Image Rotate

Set Opacity
step#7: Again select the rotated text layer and look just above the layer box and set the opacity to say 25-30%. Save the image for web. Thats all, your image is now protected with a custom watermark. Njoy!

opacity tool
Opacity tool

final image with watermark..
Final image with watermark