Encryption-Decryption using -XOR operator

This C program demonstrates basic example on encryption and decryption of data using "exclusive OR operator" -XOR . You can use it to secure your data and other security stuff. The C example has been explained with comments and input/output screenshots.

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#include <iostream.h>

using namespace std;

//declare funtion encrypt_decrypt that takes used data and the key

unsigned int encrypt_decrypt(unsigned int value,unsigned int key);

//main funtion

int main() 

{ unsigned int user_data,user_key,user_en;    

  cout<<"Enter data for encryption or decryption : "<<endl;



  cout<<"\nEnter a key value for encryption or decryption: "<<endl;



  //funtion call: Pass user data and key into function for encryption or decryption  


  cout<<"\n Your data has been encrypted or decrypted and its value is : "<<endl;

  cout  <<user_en<< endl; 


//funtion details

  unsigned int encrypt_decrypt(unsigned int value,unsigned int key) {

//perform bitwise XOR data and key, then return the value when function is called 

  return (value^key);





Data-decryption using same key



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