Install Linuxmint in Sun VirtualBox in 3 quick steps (with screenshots) - Step 1

Tested on

Host OS: Windows Vista (OS in which Virtual Box is to be installed, it can be Linux also)

Dell Inspiron 1520 Laptop, 2.0 GHz Intel dual core processor,128MB nVedia Graphics card, 2GB RAM

OS to be virtualised: Linuxmint (or even Ubuntu)

Tools and packages required:

>>Download Free Sun VirtualBox Software for Windows Download

>>Download Free LinuxMint ISO for 32 bit system( or CD/DVD ) Download (choose your mirror)

Once we have the VirtualBox windows setup and CD/ISO file, we need to install virtualBox on Windows/linux. Run the VirtualBox as an administrator (preferable, not necessary). Before we start with installation remember the location of your ISO file, it’s a compressed package or virtual bootable CD for our understanding or put in your Linuxmint CD/DVD into the Optical drive.

Three quick steps to install Linuxmint in Sun VirtualBox.

Step #1 How to create and configure a virtual Operating System and disk in VirtualBox

>>After installing Virtual box in host windows go to Start->All Programs->Sun VirtualBox->VirtualBox.exe (or in Ubuntu it’s in accessories tab) and start your Virtual box.

>>Click on new button, a wizard will appear, follow the instructions as given in screenshots.

new virtual system on virtualbox

>>Click next and give a name to your virtual operating system, say Linuxmint, select the distro of Linux. Click next, and specify RAM or base memory to the Linux mint you are going to install, It depends on your system resources, check your system resources before installing, make sure more than 512MB ram is free and at least 256MB base memory should be allocated to your new system.

naming virtual os

>>Click next to create a new Virtual hardisk, make it dynamically expanding, give it a name say linuxmint and choose where to save this hardisk (it has .vdi extension), and allocate 8GB memory (at least) to make it work properly. Finally, you get a message that gives complete summary of what you have done. Click on Finish. Your new system is ready and you will find it listed on left hand side.

vitual hardisknew disk virtual8gb virtual disk

virtual machine summary

After you have created a Virtual machine and disk you are ready for the next step - How to boot and install Linuxmint using ISO file or CD/DVD.