Install Linuxmint in Sun VirtualBox in 3 quick steps (with screenshots) - Step 2

>>Now before we start our newly created linuxmint we need to tweak the settings of our new linuxmint OS and locate ISO file or CD or DVD.It’s like we need to put a bootable CD before we start to install a new OS.

>>Select Linuxmint and click on settings, look at on CD/DVD devices, which says its empty, now we need to browse, add and select linuxmint-8.iso file so that our virtual system boots with a virtual CD or if you have burned a CD/DVD for yourself then locate that drive.

settingsstorage settingadd iso/cd

>>Now we are all set to boot our virtual Linuxmint for installation. Select linuxmint from the list and click on start , a Sun Virtual screen appears,black screen appears, a green window with countdown starts 10,  9, 8..let it boot automatically (its called Live booting, without installing). Now linux mint boot splash screen appears, and finally after few flicker a clean green desktop appears. It looks awesome. We are still in live mode we still need to install. 

automatic live boot linux mintboot splash screen linux mintLive first look

>>Click on Install Linux mint 8 (with linux mint logo), installation setup begins. Select your language,  time zone, key board, for  partition use the entire disk since we have virtual disk so no need to worry about disk partition (or if you are aware of partition select you swap area and root folder ), give a username and password for your system and now you are ready for installation.

Live desktop linux mintinstallation steptimezoneKeyboardpartitionusername and password ready to install linuxmint

>>Click on Install button your installation begins. After installation completes you can choose to reboot the system. The Virtual system starts to reboot and a black screen appears with CD removal message and reboot halts..Right click on CD icon at the bottom and uncheck the ISO or CD drive and press enter. installation in progress installaltion completes remove virtualCD or ISO in sun virtualbox

After you have completed the installation follow this step - How to Run Virtual Operating system after installation.