Inspirational Autonomous Line Follower robots

Scientists are working on artificial intelligence and have developed algorithms which can actually emulate learning behaviour of a human child. Autonomous line follower is just an attempt to understand the implementation of artificial intelligence often abbreviated as AI. Most of the robo enthusiast who have ever tried to construct an Autonomous line follower or a robot are aware of the ecstasy of robotics and autonomous robots, playing with circuit and logics is quite challenging and addictive.We start digging deep into the intricacies of robot building and often we get lost in the middle or leave our beloved robot to die its natural death.

Here is a random collection of  Inspirational Autonomous Line Follower Videos that will recharge you to take another shot and it is also a kind of an inspirational story of a line follower. Do you think you can make better than any one of the robots listed below?

" The Chronicles of Line follower "

Tyro- As it begins to crawl

bOt- As basic line follower

Line follower based on PID algorithm Funny line followers

Fast and amazing line followers


How to make a line follower

If you think that your line follower is unique or better , then do contact us, we would love to add your robot to the above list of inspirational line follower robots.