All the tutorials are related to mechanical aspect of a robot.

Making your first bOt

In this tutorial you will make your first robot. Believe me making a robot is an easy task and you will enjoy it!

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How to make a good base for your bOt?

CHASSIS: As a beginner you can go for simple rectangular or circular shaped base, made of wood unless you want to make an attractive bOt.

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Calculation of Torque and RPM

If you are comfortable with basic mathematics and wish to know the torque and rpm you require for your motor then this section is for you [or you can calculate it from the ‘motor calculator&r

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Robotic Arms

The manipulators are an assembly of segments and joints. They are often referred to as robotic arms. They can be conveniently subdivided into 3 sections just like human hand :

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Tactile Bump Sensors

These are mechanical touch sensors that are used to detect environment. They are used when you need to stop the bot instantaneously.

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In this tutorial we will discuss the appropriate diameter of a wheel and the number of wheels required for a bOt.

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Basic Mechanisms for robotics



Part 1: Basics

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